Sunday, 22 November 2015

Mrs Pool(e) Lived Here 100 years ago

In the 1920s my house was "in the occupancy of Mrs Poole" and then "formerly in the occupancy of Mrs Poole". Nothing more was detailed about her - no name, husband, family, occupation. Who was she and what trace was left of her life? Through electoral rolls and census data I have addresses of places she lived but most of these houses have been demolished and even the streets themselves no longer exist. The 1891 electoral roll lists her as "age 20, married, dressmaker neither employee nor employed" but later data lists no occupation.

Traces of Mrs Pool(e)

If you've not had a chance to see You Lived Here Mrs Pool(e), there's still time! The exhibition continues until 20th December 2015 at South Sq Gallery, Thornton (see previous post for details). This work, created over the last 6 months, was inspired by Mrs Poole who lived in my house 100 years ago. Here's a little taster:


Curiosity Cabinet

Shadows of the Past

 Research notes

Kerbstone rubbings

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Exhibition Eve!

Tomorrow night will be the preview of my exhibition You Lived Here Mrs Pool(e).

I look forward to seeing friends old and new there. All welcome!

Follow this link to South Square Gallery website for info on what else is happening on the

preview night.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Three Days to go!

Three days to go to the opening of You Lived Here Mrs Pool(e)! Here's a sneak preview from whilst we were hanging it the other day. Join us on Friday night for the preview.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Zigzag prints go far and near

This mono-print, based on the mysterious cup and ring marked stones on Baildon Moor has just gone off to Nashville, Tenessee; a long way from my Yorkshire home! 

I love the way the ink  seeped and feathered in this print. It really reminds me of the landscape of the moors. Sometimes those serendipitous bits are so good but impossible to repeat.

And one of these Canal Company Warehouse prints has recently been sold at Shipley Triangle, who have some of my work for sale locally. I'm guessing it's therefore going to be hanging on a wall nearer to home, but they go very easily through the post, so who knows?

More of my work can be seen on Artfinder and Etsy, links at the top right of this blog page. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Who were you Mrs Pool(e)?

Mrs Pool(e) lived in our house in the 1920s. She rented the property and is mentioned obliquely in legal documents when the ownership changed. 

In 1922 the house was ' the occupancy of Mrs Poole' and then in 1925 it was'...formerly in the occupancy of Mrs Poole but now unoccupied.'

But who was Mrs Pool(e)? How did she come to be living here, presumably alone? Could I find out anything about her from just a surname and one address? 

This was the starting point for my current work and first solo exhibition 'You Lived Here Mrs Pool(e)'. Working in mixed media, I am exploring ideas about the home and neighbourhood I have shared with Mrs Pool(e), and about the traces of her life that I have found.

A date for your diary! Friday 6 November 7-9pm will be the exhibition preview at South Square Gallery, Thornton, near Bradford, where more of Mrs Pool(e) and of my artwork will be revealed! 

Would love to see you there!