Sunday, 2 November 2014


I started printmaking two years ago and this is one of my early prints and still one of my favourites. Yesterday at the Shipley Alternative Market a number of people commented on it and I realise today that it's not even on my blog... until now.

In 2009 I was in Rosario, Northern Argentina where I climbed many, many steps of a monument to the flag (!) to take in the view over the river. It was good but in the opposite direction the sunlight was catching the blinds in windows of an otherwise unprepossessing apartment block. I loved the pattern of the balconies,windows and the blinds stacked up at different levels, glinting in the sunlight.

As I was working on this print I kept thinking that it reminded me of books stacked on shelves and many people have asked whether that's what it is. To me it doesn't matter what you see in it. I just loved the image and wanted to work with it. I tried it in three different colour schemes and it has a different feeling in each.

This is a limited edition of 12 prints, in varying colours, each numbered and signed and there are a few still available at £40 (unframed). Get in touch if you'd like one!

Bespoke framing can be arranged with my in-house framer if required and we have a range of mouldings and mount boards to chose from.