Monday, 1 April 2013

Thinking of Home

This screen print is based on my dad. He was a plumber by trade. I started out with a photo I took of an apartment block. I'd been playing around with this photo and came up with the background image that reminded me of plumbing systems.

The main image is from a photo of dad's national service days, a time that he remembered fondly. I guess it was a time of growing up and leaving home. 

The image in the bottom left hand corner of 'Thinking of Home' is taken from a Chinese stamp. He always maintained that he was conceived in China whilst his father was stationed there.

He always encouraged my love of stamps with their mini art-works and yes, I confess, I still have my stamp hoard. Rummaging through recently I found a Chinese one bearing the flag, loved the simplicity of the image and the link to the China conception story and used it to complete the print.