Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Demolition at Tetley's

Sad as it is to see places being demolished, I really love the traces left in the process: the patches of colour, the pipework, the holes. I kept passing this building which used to be part of Tetley's brewery in Leeds and one day pulled down a side street to stop and photograph it.
I made a reduction lino print inspired by this building.

This is a process by which you cut marks into the lino, print, cut some more away, print another colour on top of the first, cut further and so on. This is quite scary when you first do it as there's no going back and doing more from the earlier stages if you don't like what you do in the following stages! 

That's what happened here. I prefer the simplicity and sparsity of the single colour prints that I did at each stage to the final print. 

Unfortunately I only kept one print from each stage so if you want to purchase one-offs of the single colour images from this demolition series, you have to snap them up quick!