Sunday, 19 August 2012

Skeletons of Tetleys

More skeletons of Tetley's Brewery. Each room is like a framed miniature.

 In this screen print I wanted to use the shapes and forms of the building whilst not making an obvious representation of it. I like the way that some of the detail crumbles away, just as the building is doing in real life.

Across the road is a row of old terraced houses, bricked up, boarded up and fenced off: presumably also due for demolition. I love this block. Some beautiful features remain and they must once have been splendid but I also have a strange fascination in the pattern of boarding-up materials. Why do the windows all have a white square patch in the middle of the breeze-blocks?

I used my photographs of these houses to create screen prints, overlaying details from one image on another to add to the decaying feel.

The future for the Tetley skeletons: the detailed framed miniatures against the clean lines of the modern buildings behind them.  
Maybe I'll work on something using the new buildings with their regulated patterns of windows and balconies hiding what is behind them and the old building with its grid work of scruffy remains.