Monday, 6 August 2012

Lino blogging begins!

I love reduction lino printing and the fact that once I've cut away more to print a further colour, there's no going back. It was scary at first but, hey, now it's part of the excitement of building up the image.

This was one of my first lino prints, based on a photo I took of the windows of an apartment block in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was surrounded by many elegant, beautiful buildings but I was attracted to the grid-like structure of this building that most people would probably just dismiss as ugly and unprepossessing. Each window was like a mini composition.

In my next print I worked with the shapes of the air-conditioning units adorning the windows. Again, something not seen as attractive by many people but just take in their little sculptural values next time you see some! 

In Rosario, Argentina, the top of the memorial to the national flag provided me with a fabulous view of the Parana river, the town and, above all, another apartment block. This one had row upon row of blinds catching the sunlight.

I like the fact that, as in many of my prints, the source of my inspiration is not obvious.